respondcartoonRather than having a separate website for mobile devices, often at great additional cost, with responsive technology you just need the one site that works everywhere.

Every website built by us is fully responsive, meaning it will be just as at home on a 3″ phone screen as it is on a 50″ HD TV, or anywhere in between.

Our Digital Marketing specialists at Wave 105 work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new website fully reflects your brand. Every site we build is bespoke, complete with your choice of fonts and colours.


laptopThink online video is just another over-hyped, passing fad? Think again!

Websites featuring rich video content are on the up, and it’s no surprise, as a recent B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey shows – the respondents preferred video over live demos, case studies, and even free trials.

YouTube is now the number two search engine in the world, after it’s parent Google.

It’s not that we don’t like to read anymore – video actually compliments the text on a page and gives you an opportunity to simplify and explain complex or lengthy information into a more digestible dialogue.


businessviewOur Google-powered made-to-measure interactive tours really are just like being there, and as no two businesses are the same, it’s essential to showcase yours online. It’s basically Google Street View, but indoors!

We offer a free, no obligation site survey of your business so that we can advise how best to showcase it online. It all depends on how complex your business is as to how many 360 panoramic shots we take – it is vital to show off your business and make sure your tour flows well and is enjoyable.

Our Google Trusted Photographer has over 33 years experience and is a qualified member of the Master Photographer Association. Covering the central South, including the Isle of Wight, a Google Business View tour perfectly compliments our responsive website and web video packages.